WIPE-IT! FOR MEN 24 Single Packs w/ FAST & FREE Shipping!!!

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WIPE-IT! FOR MEN is a unique pre-intercourse single-use moist wipe for the penis.  If you enjoy sex... you are going to love WIPE-IT! FOR MEN. This wipe helps you CLEANSE & LUBRICATE, GET & STAY HARD, INCREASE SEXUAL PLEASURE & AVOID PREMATURE EJACULATION.  These wipes retail in stores for $6.99 each but we put together a special purchase and can offer them for only $1.80 each in a 24-count box of single pack retail foil cards.  The box of 24 is just $43.25 instead of the $167.76 you would pay at the store for 24.  And don't forget your FAST & FREE SHIPPING!  JUST WIPE-IT! AND WORK IT!

INGREDIENTS: herbal extracts: lilac, ginseng epimedium, shiandra & rhodiola rosea.
DIRECTIONS: Remove moist tissue from sealed pouch and wipe entire head and shaft of penis. NOTE: Appy 15 minutes prior to intercourse
IMPORTANT: WIPE-IT! is NOT a pregnancy contraceptive and DOES NOT prevent or protect against STDs.  ALWAYS PRACTICE SAFE SEX.